October 26, 2014

Bird Song - Jami Shipp

A great client of ours, Jami Shipp, was published in an online tutorial and referenced that she obtained her gems from us! Congratulations Jami and thanks so much for being a great client in every way.

As a thank you we offered Jami a $50 discount code for more Magpie goodies. Anyone who publishes their work in a magazine either in print or online receives a $50 discount on their next purchase. It's just our way of saying thanks.

The article Jami had published is a free tutorial so everyone benefits. "Instructor Jami Shipp teaches you how to incorporate silk cord and ceramic elements in your next stringing project."  It is the Bird Song tutorial at this link, go check it out when you have time (and of course you have to have Wubbers to enter the site). http://www.wubbersu.com/beading.php

August 23, 2013

Coming Up! $200 Shopping Spree And...

In just over a week, one lucky Magpie Gemstones newsletter subscriber will win a $200 shopping spree. This only comes around once a year, so make sure you're signed up! The winner will be announced August 31st in the newsletter so keep an eye open for the email, as the winner has just one week to contact us to claim their prize!

In other news, did you know Magpie Gemstones has a group on Facebook? The Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers group was created to explore jewelry making techniques, share free tutorials and ideas, and offer support to people who have run into issues or snags in something they have been working on. We propose ideas as a group on issues as diverse as selling jewelry, presentation, organization, how to stay motivated, and many, many more aspects of the jewelry trade. To date, we proudly support 3,542 members! And our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds daily. When we reach 4,000 members, we will be celebrating by having a bead giveaway!! So don't miss out-head on over to the Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers group on Facebook and click Join Group. 

 P.S.. Have you seen what's on sale at Magpie Gemstones? All of the luscious peridot and juicy carnelian. These gorgeous greens and oranges are the perfect colors for the rapidly approaching autumn season! Sales end without notice, so get them while you can. And while you're there, check out the Close Out sale. There are still 189 items left, and when combined with bulk discounts, you could save as much as an  additional 37% on orders of $1000 or more! 

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones, have a fun-filled weekend!
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room 

July 29, 2013

Grand Reopening!!

Whew! Where does time go? It seems like just last week it was announced that Magpie Gemstones will be closed for the next couple of months, and here we in the final count down to the Grand Reopening!!

Due to open by August 1st, 2013, Magpie Gemstones has been working hard building a new warehouse, unpacking and stocking,  and updating the website with all the new beads, gemstones and cabochons that had been waiting to be unpacked. With plenty of room to spread out, the gemstones quickly lined the walls.

Besides the new listings which will be going in over the next month, there are still over 200 items listed as close-out in the Sale section to choose from pearls, gemstone beads, carved bone, leather cord and lacing and even copper beads and findings are left! With discounts from 20-50% off, these are a great bargain. And remember, the more you spend, the more you save! Up to 37% off on bulk orders over $1000!

New listings are going in every day. Over the next several weeks, cabochons and beads of all sorts will added to tantalize you, such as this sweet larimar. Did you know the only known source of larimar is the Dominican Republic? How fitting that its colors are such gorgeous blues like the waters of the Caribbean!

This gorgeous pale green cabochon with pale violet veining is stichtite. An uncommon stone, it was originally discovered in 1910 in a mine in Western Tasmania, Australia and named after the manager of the mine, Robert Carl Sticht. I already have an entire necklace created in my head around this stone-can you see the amethyst and green kyanite with it?

Titanium infused druzy is so beautiful with its swirling rainbow colors and sparkly centers! I have a few in my own collection that are just waiting for the perfect wire wrap inspiration to do them justice. Good titanium infused druzy is hard to come by. All too often, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These amazing druzies are beads-yes, beads!

If you're enjoying this little sneak peak, know that you can head on over to Magpie Gemstones and check out the new items as they are being added, such as this amazing Baltic amber. Though the prices aren't visible in the listings until the store officially reopens, you can add items to your "Wish List" after logging in and the prices will show up there!


Sales and Super Sales will pop up periodically and unexpectedly, so make sure you are signed up for the Newsletter so you don't miss the great deals and announcements that will be coming around. And don't forget to keep an eye open to see who will be  the winner of the $200 shopping spree due to be announced in an August Newsletter!

So let the countdown begin, and get your shopping carts ready! Until next time, on behalf of Magpie Gemstones, have a great week!

Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

New business phone number: 509-826-5569
Magpie Gemstones
PO Box 4000
Omak, WA

June 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Well, after a four day trek cross-country, the Magpie has landed safe and sound in the new home. Built in the 30's, it is chock-full of loveable character, from the woodwork to the cabinets to the original door knobs. Additions over the years have even provided three front doors! But being built in the 30's has also given something else: many opportunities for plenty of work. In the month since arriving, unpacking has been accomplished, immediate repairs have been made, and the kitchy corner has been defined. That awesome chair you see there was a thrift find for $12 and perfectly matches the dining room fireplace!

Best of all, the STUDIO has been set up! Unfortunately, the big bench couldn't come along, but that just means more adventures in finding a New and Improved one. Can you see what's missing here? Yes, the BEADS! They will be hung in a closet just around the corner. A closet of beads!! Can you imagine? Hopefully, there will be time to squeeze in some gorgeous beady creativity sooner rather than later.

 Outside, the 3/4 of an acre intended for the organic garden is already being picked over and weeded and new surprises are being uncovered. Strawberries, irises, potatoes and chives are just a few that have been discovered as thistles and dandelions are removed to make room for more useful weeds. The dandelion roots were roasted, ground and turned into a dandelion chai coffee. The garden's watering system is fed by a natural spring that is currently non-functional. It was discovered that the water tank the spring flows into has a hole in it. As soon as a new trough finds its way ten minutes straight uphill, it can be repaired! Perhaps a mule, or maybe a pair of oxen? The views are so pretty, no matter which way you turn. Yellow roses and orange blossoms, a walnut and apricot tree, honey suckle, lilacs and catnip all help make up a serene homestead where there is family, friends and peace.                             

In exciting business news, tomorrow will be the day we start building the new warehouse!  Concrete will be poured, and hopefully all will go as planned. Fingers and toes crossed, Magpie Gemstones plans to reopen for business by the end of July. Your patience and support throughout this move has been and continues to be greatly appreciated. Our new contact information is in the end of this blog post and please watch for more updates as we draw closer to reopening. Don't forget-we have a $200 shopping spree giveaway coming up in August!

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones, have a great week!
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

 New business phone number: 509-826-5569
Magpie Gemstones
PO Box 4000
Omak, WA

April 12, 2013

13 Shopping Days Left!

Did you realize there are only 13 shopping days left?! No, not til Christmas, but until Magpie Gemstones closes for over NINE weeks while they make their cross-country move! Make your last minute purchases now while these gorgeous eudialyte and AA grade serphanite cabochons are still there!

Or maybe it's the beautiful clear blue of the new apatite that your current designs need? They sure would look great paired with a Swedish Blue cabochon! Can you beleive the Swedish Blue cabochons are created from a glass by-product of Swedish foundries, dating back as far as 500 years ago?

Personally, I'm saving my pennies, nickels and dimes and the hope that nobody snaps up my birthstone and favorite: the gorgeous sapphires-nearly seven feet of them! Stunning color and and an incredible price for these beauties, and only ONE available!

While you're shopping the New Items, don't forget to check out the Super Sale page-no limit!! Snap up as many of these great deals as you while, while supplies last, before April 26th for a great deal! And for good measure, the Sale page still has many marked down close out items to choose from. The more you buy, the better the deal. Discounts still kick in and will further stretch your dollar.

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones, Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

March 28, 2013

Close Out Sale and Beads of the Week!

As just about everyone knows, Magpie Gemstones has been having a major close out sale. Hundreds of categories have already completely sold out. In the Super Sale section, there are still 65 items left, but now at 50% off, they won't last long!! And check out the Sale section where you will find even more items, now marked down to 30% off! Don't think this is the picked over lot that's left-everything on sale is just as great a quality as the new items that just went in!

Speaking of New items, some of my favorite stones were added this week-charoite, kyanite, malachite and garnets just to name a few. Varying grades make the new beads affordable without compromising the excellent quality and beauty. AA grade malachite beads and kyanite cabochons, lush charoite rondelles, sweet little hessonite garnets and pyrite in great faceted shapes as well as donuts and hearts! Natural yellow African opal,  mookaite, amazonite and AA grade rhodocrosite look so gemmy and lush, they belong in a candy bowl! Stock is not unlimited, and it's hard to find both great quality and fantastic prices, so don't wait and get them while you can. Remember, Magpie Gemstones will be closed from April 26th through July 1st. Have a great, bead-filled weekend!

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones,
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

January 13, 2013


What have you snagged during the annual Magpie Gemstones New Year's Sale? I've enjoyed reading online about what various designers have gotten with the 20% off on everything sale. Many have posted photos of what they made with their Magpie Gemstones. Wow - you should see them! I purchased a number of strands of this amazonite is various shapes and sizes.

Here's the deal. During this sale, which is still gong on, 20% off is automatically figured on your cart and there's not a magic dollar amount you need to reach to get the discount. Normally, you would need to purchase $200 to get this level of discount.

Even if you have already purchased during this sale, it would behoove you to keep watching since Szarka keeps adding new beads all the time. I really enjoy seeing what they unearths from the warehouse and offer to customers. If you see something you like; however, it's a good idea to grab it before it is gone. As you know, Magpie Gemstones, purchases a limited amount of each bead and when they are gone . . . they're really gone and we don't usually see them again.

I probably should remind you about free shipping, which is also a great reason to buy from Magpie. We get free shipping on any order that is a minimum of $39. Let's see, 20% off and free shipping on my $39 or over order. It sounds good to me. How about you?

Saling for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD
Dreamcatcher Designs

January 7, 2013


Our Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers Group has reached 2000 members. To celebrate we are giving away a strand of Labradorite.

How to win? First you must be a member of the group, then choose a number between 1 and 1000 and leave it in a comment below. Only one guess per person!

The closest number will win and the winner will be announced in the Weekly Newsletter from Magpie Gemstones on January 19th 2013.  Be sure you are signed up to see if you won!

Our Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers Group was created to have a place for Magpie Gemstones clients to explore their jewelry making skills, discuss questions about selling, SEO, social networking in relation to jewelry making and selling.

We also go through free tutorials created for Magpie Clients to grow our jewelry making skills. Feel free to join us!

December 12, 2012

Free for Thee!

This is just a short note to be sure you've heard the news. Magpie Gemstones is giving us one free strand of Indian Cut Beads with every order.  http://www.magpiegemstones.com/super_sale.html

These are sweet little beads that would brighten most any design and you can't beat this deal. Have you snagged yours yet?

You need to hurry because this deal is over after next Tuesday, December 17. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Giving to our customers, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD
Dreamcatcher Designs

November 14, 2012

Calling All Fans

I really like the fact that Magpie Gemstones spends money on us, the customers, instead of on advertising. I guess they know who's important! Their frequent giveaways make it clear to me that they value my business and want me as a customer.

The latest giveaway has me drooling a bit. Have you seen it? Just look at the gorgeous boulder opal horsehead in the photo. It will go to a lucky newsletter subscriber when Magpie Gemstones reaches 9000 subscribers. That seem like a humongous number, but I know they have already passed 8500.

So here's the question . . . if you are receiving this post directly from Magpie, then you may already be a subscriber. How does that help get us to 9000 so that someone can win the boulder opal? I guess we each need to spread the word to our beady friends and let them know that they can also receive the newsletter and be in the running for the prize. Just refer them to this link: http://www.magpiegemstones.com/news.html and they can sign up. If you haven't done this too, please hop to it. Someone out there really wants this horsehead!

Appreciating our customers, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD
Dreamcatcher Designs

October 27, 2012

Another Client in the News

In the last post, I wrote about a Magpie Gemstones client whose work was recently published. When I (Karen, both an employee and client) finished writing that entry, I realized that we had not shared my recently published piece with you. Shame on me! If you don't blow your own horn, who is going to do it? Actually, this is more about sharing than about blowing. You might enjoy the tutorial that I wrote for the magazine.

The October-November 2012 edition of Step by Step Wire Jewelry contains a Tri-Loop Necklace that I designed earlier this year. It evolved from one of those serendipitous moments when I was goofing around with coiled wire. The tri-loops are not made on a jig, but rather constructed from a three-loop coil. The hardest part for me was remembering how I made the first one. Does that every happen to you?

The sterling silver piece that appears in the publication features some lovely amethyst gemstones from Magpie Gemstones. The second photo shows you the copper version with Magpie Gemstones' carnelian and turquoise. I finished both pieces with handmade chain and clasp.

I try not to be upset when someone compliments one of these pieces or any of my other designs by saying, "that's a nice designs, but I really like those beautiful beads!" It looks like I just need to continue getting them from Magpie Gemstones.

Blowing the horn for our wonderful clients, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, PhD

October 10, 2012

Clients In the News

Whooo Me?
Look what Cindy made! Congratulations to Cindy Cima Edwards whose marvelously creative necklace in published in the October 2012 edition of Bead Trends. You can see other photos of this piece and the tutorial for it on her blog at http://www.cindycima.com/published-2012/

Magpie Gemstones was especially excited to see that she used flourite beads that came from our store. As a thank you, we're sending her a gift of the beads shown below. It makes us smile when artists mention they got beads from us and we hope she likes her gift.

Cindy markets her jewelry through Zimaj (http://www.zimaj.com/) and we think you would enjoy seeing her creations. Check it out.

We love it when our customers share successes.

Clapping for Cindy, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, PhD

October 5, 2012

Free Fun

The two words in the title are not always put together, but if you love making jewelry, Magpie Gemstones can help you join them by providing free fun. We're hoping you have already joined our Facebook group, Jewelry Makers and Beads Lovers. Actually, 1000+ people have done just that and so we gave away this great pendant.

I know, you're probably wishing that you had won it. Dar Miller from Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia was the lucky winner. She markets her jewelry through Sun, Stars and Sea Jewelry Design and contributes comments, etc. to our Facebook group.

This is the group where we share the free tutorials and discuss how to improve our work. You can get many ideas from this amicable group of jewelry makers and there's no advertising done in the group. If you haven't joined us, now would be a good time. You just never know when we might give away something else. It's definitely Free Fun!

Working to benefit you, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD

July 23, 2012

Serving It Up

We hope you have noticed that our new website is up and running, serving up good things for you. Customer comments indicate that you are pleased with its look and enjoy being able to put things in your cart and return to them at another time. Remember how they used to disappear at the old site? We're pretty proud of how gorgeous Gibby's photos of the beads look and hope you appreciate the clarity. I wish I thought he could make me look that good in a photo!

Now that the new site is complete, we can serve up new articles and free tutorials again. We have numerous things in the works for you and hope you will be pleased with the offerings. If you haven't previously perused our library please take a moment to see what you can find in our resources. Our new tutorials are announced through the Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers Facebook page too.


The last blog entry told you about Bead Soup, a nice adventure put together by Lori Anderson that enabled duos of designers to share beads. Today, the first group, including Szarka, share the creations made from bead soup contents.

Others who are revealing their finished products today can be found at   http://lorianderson-beadsoupblogparty.blogspot.com/2012/06/participants-of-6th-bead-soup-blog.html .

Don't forget to check mine out, too! I think you will be pleased to see what the designers simmered and served from their bead soup contents.

Szarka's soup partner, Tammy Jones, who has a great etsy shop Southern Baubelles challenged her with enough beads that she created three unique pieces of jewelry. I think the necklace, shown above left, has a nice vintage look to it. Good job Szarka! To see the bead soup Tammy sent and the soup Szarka sent her look below (or click above to see old blog posts, it was blogged about previously).

This month's Facebook Fan of the Month is Heather Otto who won free beads for being our number one fan. You can find out more about this give away at https://www.facebook.com/MagpieGemstones/app_118098318208381 and http://www.magpiegemstones.com/freebeads.html .

You can see some of Heather's unique jewelry, like this one, served up in "Mama's Craft Room", on the Facebook page she helps moderate and in her etsy shop and Craft Star Shop.

Heather has come onto the jewelry making scene with a flourish, she is a natural and pretty new to it too! We have really appreciated her energy and outlook in the groups that we are involved in online and off. Thanks for being such a great member of this community Heather!

We'll be serving up more information for you soon about upcoming shows and happenings.

Serving it up for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD

July 13, 2012

Up and Down and . . .

Szarka's bead soup arrived this week and you should see what Tammy Jones mailed to Texas. (If you don't know about bead soup, please read the last post.) Many of you may know Tammy and appreciate her words as she writes Jewelry Making Daily. Her shop, Southern Baubelles, displays some of her great pieces. The soup contained Citrine, Fluorite, Resin, Cebu Shell, Opal Nuggets and Amazonite Nuggets. She also sent the lovely focal piece shown below. Although I was "up" and excited to see the soup Tammy sent, now I'm "down" and anxious to see what Szarka makes from these lovelies. I guess we'll just have to tolerate ambiguity until her reveal date.

On another up and down note, let's talk about the new website. All of us were excited to see the new site up and running this week. It has a truly outstanding look (in my opinion) and makes it so much easier to shop with all the new bells and whistles (and then there's the SALE going one). The only "down" part has to do with some of the bells. The website had to be shut down briefly while some of those technical difficulties were ameliorated. We certainly hope that didn't cause you too must trouble and that you will stick with us while everything is worked out. As you know technology is definitely up and down! I fear I have less patience with the woes of technology than with simple human falibility. How about you?

Working to stay "up" for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, PhD