June 8, 2008

Ask Szarka?

I am starting a new feature on my blog answering questions people send me that are jewelry related. Well no one really asks me my opinion on anything else so I guess it is kind of pointless to point out the fact that the questions are jewelry related.
Why anyone would ask me is beyond me. I am definitely not the ultimate authority by any means. I do not have a business degree, nor have I been trained in an art school. I have never even taken a jewelry making class. Basically it appears I know very little. The good thing is I appear to be very opinionated for no known reason so I do have lots to write about.
So if you want one little humans take on the questions that other jewelry artists ask stop on in from time to time. Send questions you would like me to answer to ssszarka@gmail.com I will change your wording and your name to keep every one's privacy. If I don't have the answer I bet I know someone who thinks they do. I will ask them what they think and post the answers here. I won't hide their identities though .
My jewelry will still intersperse itself among the posts so keep coming back and taking a peek and scroll along to find what you are looking for. Also add your comments and suggestions, mine may be all wrong or I may have not paid close enugh attention to a piece of the puzzle. Jump on in and give your two cents worth.


  1. Tiane11.6.08

    Hey dee ho my friend!
    How's Texas? Your wrapping work is so beautiful...keeps getting better and better! I'm still in Colville, can you believe it?? Give me a buzz one of these days so we can get some new beads ;) Haven't had a fix in a while thanks to prom and graduation for my children...tell Tara and Gib hello from us in the "redneck North"
    Take care and I love the new site!

  2. Ah Tiane Darling. I keep calling and only getting Petra at the store. Come to Austin and buy beads darling. Your store can use the business expenses LOL.

    Email me I have lost your addy. I have news about a bead store up that way.