November 14, 2012

Calling All Fans

I really like the fact that Magpie Gemstones spends money on us, the customers, instead of on advertising. I guess they know who's important! Their frequent giveaways make it clear to me that they value my business and want me as a customer.

The latest giveaway has me drooling a bit. Have you seen it? Just look at the gorgeous boulder opal horsehead in the photo. It will go to a lucky newsletter subscriber when Magpie Gemstones reaches 9000 subscribers. That seem like a humongous number, but I know they have already passed 8500.

So here's the question . . . if you are receiving this post directly from Magpie, then you may already be a subscriber. How does that help get us to 9000 so that someone can win the boulder opal? I guess we each need to spread the word to our beady friends and let them know that they can also receive the newsletter and be in the running for the prize. Just refer them to this link: and they can sign up. If you haven't done this too, please hop to it. Someone out there really wants this horsehead!

Appreciating our customers, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD
Dreamcatcher Designs