November 28, 2011


'Tis the season to think about wrappings. I've noted people in stores picking out wrapping paper and ribbons for holiday packages and see that celophane tape is in big demand. I wish I could say I was close enough with my shopping to think about that kind of wrapping. Unfortunately, I'm still thinking about wrapping gemstones in preparation for their later wrapping as gifts.

I was pleased to find that Magpie Gemstones could save me some time if I purchased Moldavite stones. These come already wrapped in sterling silver - what could be simpler than to put these on a chain, leather or neckwire? The moldavite comes in an array of intriguing shapes that make these pendants even more interesting.

If you would prefer to wrap your own cabs, I suggest you step into the fire and try a Mexican Fire Agate. These beauties are a favorite of many and you'll want to grab them quickly for wrapping with copper or silver wire. I like to peruse the various online jewelry venues such as Etsy and Artfire to garner new ideas for wrapping cabs.

If you would rather try your hand with biolettes, Szarka shows us how to wrap one in a video at the following link: When I grow up, I want my wrappings to look just like hers. Magpie Gemstones has even offered us some slightly scratched briolettes to try. They are at 50% off!

It seemed as though the phone company was trying to wrap up or perhaps hold up our business this week when our phones and thus our internet went down. I guess it was a black Friday special, but we really didn't want this time off. We're happily working again after several days without service and apologize if this caused any problems in our ability to serve you.

Let us know what you are wrapping up in holiday gifts by showing us your pretties made with stones from us. We definitely enjoy showing these off for you in our Client's Blog at

. . . wrapping and mailing gemstones to you, we are Magpie Gemstones
Karen Meador, writer

November 19, 2011


Have you been to the grocery store in the past few days and tried to get down the turkey isle? I don't know when I've seen so many people digging in the frozen foods before. I'm really glad I purchased my turkey a couple of weeks ago. If you didn't, I suggest you eat ham on Thanksgiving Day.

My grocery trip made me very glad that I don't have to fight other jewelry designers to get my beads from Magpie Gemstones like you have to fight for a turkey at the grocery store. I like going online and picking the gemstones out at my leisure. I'm wondering if next year the company could offer turkeys that way.

As I did that leisurely online shoppping with Magpie this week, I became focused on greens.
I hope you, too, noticed the gorgeous and rare gaspeite cabs that are available. The colors are just right and I'm thankful they're not too bright. The mottled tones can be complemented by a number of other beads. Now the question remains as to whether the gaspeite cabs should be wire wrapped in sterling silver or copper. Hmmm . . .

The other green that I especially like in the online store is aventurine. Look at the carving of an owl and a leaf below and think about the various ways they can be used in designs. "Whooooo" wouldn't want an owl in such a great color? I'm thankful to have all these green choices.

Speaking of choices, if you have an online store or try to guide customers to your products through the internet, I'll bet you would enjoy the articles Magpie has available about this topic. The following link will get you started with the first part of an article written by Szarka. I'm thankful that this type of great information is readily available at Magpie Gemstones in the "Just for You" section.

As we think back over the year since last Thanksgiving, we realize that it really IS a time to be thankful for a great business supported by customers like you.

. . . thankful for our many blessings, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, Magpie writer,

November 15, 2011


Today, I wanted to mention one of the "findings" that I discovered when I first started shopping with Magpie Gemstones. One of my favorite things about the companies' available products are the copper findings that I can always order. A few of these are pictured here and the website shows you so many more. I don't know about you, but I find it really nice to have so many different choices in copper.

You could discover a finding of your own if you ventured out to visit with Kateri at the Dallas Gem and Mineral Show in Mesquite, Texas, November 19-10. You can find more information about this at the following: She will have plenty of beads and I'll bet it will be more fun at this show than shopping at the mall.

Another great finding on the website is the video owner Szarka created for us showing how to do border wraps on cabachons. She makes it look pretty easy and I find that her method works great. Why don't you give it a try.

By the way, did you find time last week to look at the information we posted regarding creating business policies for wholesale customers? I hope that it was helpful and provided you with food for thought. I find that I need to have some policies in place to be consistent with all my wholesale customers.

. . . hoping to "find" you enjoying your beads from us, we are Magpie Gemstones.

November 6, 2011

Coming Together

This is the time of the year when friends, family and groups we work with are planning how they will come together to rejoice in the season. It's a fairly peaceful time at Magpie Gemstones when the shows and visits to Canada are over for the year and everyone is at home. Coming together means time to reflect, drink lots of coffee and appreciate our companies' super customers.

It's also a great time to dig into the beads and see what beauties we've yet to offer you. Although we continually add beads each day, there are always more that immerge. Where do they all come from? Oh yes, I do remember those hundreds of pounds of beads in boxes that arrived a few months back. I'm particularly enamored with the three colors of Kiwi that went into the store this week. Look at the rich colors on all of these! I just ordered a number of new beads strands for myself on Friday, but (note to self) I must go back and order Kiwi.

I hope that your designs for the holiday are all coming together. Whether you string, work with wire or hammer metal, it's a great time to share your talents. Your talents and our beads should come together nicely in those designs.

Some of you have queried about soldering and we have a new article on that subject. It can be found at Soldering, of course, is a way to help sheet metal or wire "come together". This little article doesn't tell you how to solder, but rather suggests the materials and tools you need for doing so. I wrote Soldering 101 as an introduction to the technique and hope you find it useful.

. . . coming together to serve you, we are Magpie Gemstones.