November 6, 2011

Coming Together

This is the time of the year when friends, family and groups we work with are planning how they will come together to rejoice in the season. It's a fairly peaceful time at Magpie Gemstones when the shows and visits to Canada are over for the year and everyone is at home. Coming together means time to reflect, drink lots of coffee and appreciate our companies' super customers.

It's also a great time to dig into the beads and see what beauties we've yet to offer you. Although we continually add beads each day, there are always more that immerge. Where do they all come from? Oh yes, I do remember those hundreds of pounds of beads in boxes that arrived a few months back. I'm particularly enamored with the three colors of Kiwi that went into the store this week. Look at the rich colors on all of these! I just ordered a number of new beads strands for myself on Friday, but (note to self) I must go back and order Kiwi.

I hope that your designs for the holiday are all coming together. Whether you string, work with wire or hammer metal, it's a great time to share your talents. Your talents and our beads should come together nicely in those designs.

Some of you have queried about soldering and we have a new article on that subject. It can be found at Soldering, of course, is a way to help sheet metal or wire "come together". This little article doesn't tell you how to solder, but rather suggests the materials and tools you need for doing so. I wrote Soldering 101 as an introduction to the technique and hope you find it useful.

. . . coming together to serve you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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