August 23, 2010

Back in Stock

Over 30 beads went back in stock tonight. These were hot sellers or we were able to get a few more in. Come check them out! Just click the title of this post.

August 22, 2010

Hate Mail

This week I have been busy measuring briolettes, taking pics and building listings. Some fantastic faceted drops will be heading in soon.

In the middle of Summer and at the beginning of Winter something interesting happens to the human race in this part of the world. We get crabby. I think it is the weather. We can set our calender to when we start receiving "hate" mail.

It's not really hate mail, just  being crabby myself. This year to take out our frustrations in a healthy way we documented the crabby season in writing. Hope you enjoy. We got a chuckle out of it, and afterwards could put the smile back on our faces and deal with our humans in a good way.

If any of you have dealt in sales you know what I am talking about!

Quirky Questions Sometimes Asked

We love our clients, don't get us wrong. Yet, as you all know, dealing with the public can always have it's “moments”.

Now you all know that this is not about any of you!

It's funny questions, responses, and discussions we have with those “other” people. Most of the time we enjoy them and know they are part of it all and appreciate the opportunity to educate new clients or people new to gemstones.

Come see the rest of the article "This is NOT Glass".

August 19, 2010

How to Make Wire Hammereded Loops

This week was a busy one. We had a show in Pas Christian Mississippi. It was wonderful to meet the people there and amazing to see the country. I had never been East of Texas. The lush growth, alligators, and the people enchanted me.

The oil spill broke my heart and I probably asked more questons than the locals wanted me too but the counsellor in me dies hard. It was heart breaking and yet somehow uplifting to see the resiliancy of people. The town itself had been so torn by Katrina yet the community was still there.

Now that I am back I am busy putting new jewelry in the client's blog, putting Apatite on Close Out bead sale this week, and getting the next newsletter eady to go out.

I also uploaded a video I had on yout tube to the site on hammered loops if you want a peek.

I put a bunch of new beads in and more will go in this week now that I am home.

I am getting ready for my drive to Canada in September so I have to get ahead on a bunch of things so you should see an influx of new beauties in the shop.

Hope you are well, and keeping cool.

August 10, 2010

Lapis on Close Out this Week

For the newsletter this week we put Lapis Lazuli on Close Out up to 30% off. In addition you can get another 30% off if you take advantage of the discount schedule.

These will stay on cloe out until the next newsletter which will be Monday. Chances are the next newsletter will be late. We are heading over to Pass Christian for a gem show. I have never been East of Texas so this will be interesting for me.

Anyone in that neck of the woods? Say you saw this post and get 20% off of your purchases at the bead show!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

I will post lots of pictures for Facebook.

August 9, 2010

It's raining Turquoise

We are doubling our turquoise line this week. We hand seleceted some sweet Natural and Stabilized North American and Chinese Shapes and Nuggets. We have more to go in but we ran out of room on the turquoise wall. The picture above is them waiting their turn on the picture taking booth. The Sleeping Beauty on the top just pops doesn't it?

This is the turquoise in the over stock room that didn't get it's day in the sun .... yet.

The bead wall is too big to take in one photo so the two above cover that wall. Sweet blue beauties.

The kinds of turquoise just in:

Carico Lake Turquoise
Persian Turquoise
Fox Turquoise
Kingman Turquoise
Castledome Turquoise
Nacozari Turquoise
Hubei Turquoise
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Campitos Turquoise

August 8, 2010

New Blog Buddy Winner

Dee from All Wired Up (click the title about to see her blog) won the monthly free blog buddy bead give away.

Congrats Dee! Can't wait to see what you make with the citrine and larimar you recieved.

August 2, 2010

Name That Stone

Come check out our new facebook game in the Magpie Gemstones Facebook Fan Page.
Once a week I will post a gemstone and the first person to respond with the right name wins a 25% off certificate for any size order.

All  you have to do is come to the fan page, click the like button, then you will get the post in your feed. Be sure to click "most recent" on your home page or you might miss the post.