August 19, 2010

How to Make Wire Hammereded Loops

This week was a busy one. We had a show in Pas Christian Mississippi. It was wonderful to meet the people there and amazing to see the country. I had never been East of Texas. The lush growth, alligators, and the people enchanted me.

The oil spill broke my heart and I probably asked more questons than the locals wanted me too but the counsellor in me dies hard. It was heart breaking and yet somehow uplifting to see the resiliancy of people. The town itself had been so torn by Katrina yet the community was still there.

Now that I am back I am busy putting new jewelry in the client's blog, putting Apatite on Close Out bead sale this week, and getting the next newsletter eady to go out.

I also uploaded a video I had on yout tube to the site on hammered loops if you want a peek.

I put a bunch of new beads in and more will go in this week now that I am home.

I am getting ready for my drive to Canada in September so I have to get ahead on a bunch of things so you should see an influx of new beauties in the shop.

Hope you are well, and keeping cool.

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