July 30, 2010

Can I Make a Living Making Jewelry?

A new article just went into the blog.

Faith Davis Ferris answers this question that is always on the mind of new jewelry makers. This was in response to a question in an online forum Wire Wrapped Jewelry. I asked her if I could share it with my clients. I thought her words were very good and succinct.

For my 2-5 cents I'll say what I think is true. You don't know till you try. Can you fail? Yes. It can also work. Marginally. Well. Very Well. That being said a couple of points.

First, you need to consider all the 'core' aspects and responsibilities involved in a small business start-up.

To begin you need to apply, process and complete any permit applications your state, town and in some cases HOA require. The actual permits, paperwork, requirements may vary so be sure to confirm with your state, county town, HOA* They many include and are not necessarily limited to: filing for DBA, sales tax certification and zoning to note a possible few.

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July 29, 2010

This Weeks News

Have you seen all the new beads that have gone in this week? Oh you have to click over and check them out!

I am actually writing in the Blog ... I know it's one of those things that I just let slip.

New Free Jewelry Making Tut on how to do a border wrap with round wire. Be kind. I am no actress and it's just my webcam! It is shown below.

We found our $200 shopping Spree Winner, Frank Curl was very happy. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you have a chance to win in November.

It's almost August and we choose a new Blog Buddy winner to get free beads. Want to participate? Elaine just announced on Facebook that she sold the necklace she made with the beads she won.

We hit 2500 fans on our facebook page and sent out strands of gems to a fan. Come visit us there.

Free Tutorial on Border Wraps using Round Wire.

Most wire wrapped border wraps for cabochons use square wire and 1/2 round. In this video I show you some tweekks and tips to use round wire to make border wraps.


July 24, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Many of you have been following the saga. Magpie Gemstones gives away a $200 shopping spree twice a year as a promotion to get people to see us and engage. I would so much rather give my "advertising" dollar to our clients than to google (sorry google).

To make this happen we set up the rules that only those folks who see their name in the newsletter can collect their winnings. Well a giveaway in the middle of summer caused it to be a long process. So many folks gone on vacations, getting that rose bush to behave etc resulted in 8 winners being drawn until one finally opened up their email and read their name in the allotted 6 days.

I am sorry to all of you that didn't win, but I am sure happy for that human who did. In my book all my clients are winners.

Now I don't have to spend an hour each week using the random number generator and scrolling through 6000 email addresses to figure out who I will choose this week.

It was like that tennis match that just wouldn't end.

The winner, Frank Curl,  has notified me and appears to be excited if the number of exclamation points in the email was any hint!

The next Give Away is November 30th 2010. Not too far off.

There are lots of other promotions going on as well, just check out our Free Beads page to see.



July 22, 2010

Magpie Gemstones Facebook Give Away

Today the Facebook Fan Page reached 2500 fans. Wow that was fast. We gave away a strand of gemmy beads to one of the fans. We will be doing it again at 3000 and the way we are growing it won't take long.

If you want to come hang out with some of the most amazing jewelry artists around, learn about a lot of things, chat, play, and see new beads go in as I put them up just come to the Magpie Gemstones Fan Page click the like button and we will show up in your feed everyday.

Have a Great Day


Never a dull moment

I have been thinking about keeping a semi-daily blog just for the business yet not sure if anyone would find it valuable. I know I like to click through to to blogs on websites I visit to get a feel for the people behind the curtain so .... I am biting the bullet and doing it.

I have been writing articles for the other blog on Secrets to Selling jewelry Online yet not doing the exact same things I preach need to be done. Isn't the irony of life just wonderful?

So here it is, daily musings, whinings, and general rif raf of things to let you see who I am, sort of I suppose.