July 24, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Many of you have been following the saga. Magpie Gemstones gives away a $200 shopping spree twice a year as a promotion to get people to see us and engage. I would so much rather give my "advertising" dollar to our clients than to google (sorry google).

To make this happen we set up the rules that only those folks who see their name in the newsletter can collect their winnings. Well a giveaway in the middle of summer caused it to be a long process. So many folks gone on vacations, getting that rose bush to behave etc resulted in 8 winners being drawn until one finally opened up their email and read their name in the allotted 6 days.

I am sorry to all of you that didn't win, but I am sure happy for that human who did. In my book all my clients are winners.

Now I don't have to spend an hour each week using the random number generator and scrolling through 6000 email addresses to figure out who I will choose this week.

It was like that tennis match that just wouldn't end.

The winner, Frank Curl,  has notified me and appears to be excited if the number of exclamation points in the email was any hint!

The next Give Away is November 30th 2010. Not too far off.

There are lots of other promotions going on as well, just check out our Free Beads page to see.




  1. How exciting!!!..Congratulations Frank! Wooohooo!!!

  2. That is so very cool. Congrats to Frank.

  3. I am sure that you are relieved. I was surprised that you were so persistent.

  4. LOL I am persistent. Maybe I should put in a disclaimer? naw.