June 12, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Well, after a four day trek cross-country, the Magpie has landed safe and sound in the new home. Built in the 30's, it is chock-full of loveable character, from the woodwork to the cabinets to the original door knobs. Additions over the years have even provided three front doors! But being built in the 30's has also given something else: many opportunities for plenty of work. In the month since arriving, unpacking has been accomplished, immediate repairs have been made, and the kitchy corner has been defined. That awesome chair you see there was a thrift find for $12 and perfectly matches the dining room fireplace!

Best of all, the STUDIO has been set up! Unfortunately, the big bench couldn't come along, but that just means more adventures in finding a New and Improved one. Can you see what's missing here? Yes, the BEADS! They will be hung in a closet just around the corner. A closet of beads!! Can you imagine? Hopefully, there will be time to squeeze in some gorgeous beady creativity sooner rather than later.

 Outside, the 3/4 of an acre intended for the organic garden is already being picked over and weeded and new surprises are being uncovered. Strawberries, irises, potatoes and chives are just a few that have been discovered as thistles and dandelions are removed to make room for more useful weeds. The dandelion roots were roasted, ground and turned into a dandelion chai coffee. The garden's watering system is fed by a natural spring that is currently non-functional. It was discovered that the water tank the spring flows into has a hole in it. As soon as a new trough finds its way ten minutes straight uphill, it can be repaired! Perhaps a mule, or maybe a pair of oxen? The views are so pretty, no matter which way you turn. Yellow roses and orange blossoms, a walnut and apricot tree, honey suckle, lilacs and catnip all help make up a serene homestead where there is family, friends and peace.                             

In exciting business news, tomorrow will be the day we start building the new warehouse!  Concrete will be poured, and hopefully all will go as planned. Fingers and toes crossed, Magpie Gemstones plans to reopen for business by the end of July. Your patience and support throughout this move has been and continues to be greatly appreciated. Our new contact information is in the end of this blog post and please watch for more updates as we draw closer to reopening. Don't forget-we have a $200 shopping spree giveaway coming up in August!

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones, have a great week!
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

 New business phone number: 509-826-5569
Magpie Gemstones
PO Box 4000
Omak, WA