October 29, 2011


This is the time of the year for disguises. I don't know if you will receive this blog entry before or after Halloween, but either way I'm wondering. Are you reading this while you eat Halloween candy? Whether it's leftover candy or you find yourself eating the good stuff before the date, Halloween candy is hard to resist. Unfortunately, for some of us, extra pounds are disguised as seemingly harmless goodies.

Of course there are other disguises this time of the year. Some children dress in costumes while parents pretend they are just disguised because the kids wanted them to be. Do you really believe that? I think the parents just disguise the fun they are having.

Magpie Gemstones even got into the spirit this year and offered specials on certain orange and black gemstones. I wasn't fooled at all by this. They can call it a Halloween special, but it's simply a good deal disguised as something else.

If you don't need orange or black, perhaps you would enjoy grabbing something in green. Some unikite beads just went into the online store and I'm really pleased to see the enticing shapes. Not only are there some gorgeous faceted stones, you can also find several types of large hole beads for your designs. I don't know about you, but I really like a bead that I don't have to struggle with to put on wire. These unikite beads look like winners to me.

This week finds Magpie owner, Szarka, and the littlest Magpie back home from their trip to visit family in Canada. There's no disguising the fact that we are all glad to have them back. It's fun to get away, but even better to get back home.

I hope that this Fall season rich with beautiful colors finds you making beautiful jewelry. We can't disguise the sense of accomplishment you likely get from this or the joy you can give others when they receive one of your gems.

. . . never disguising the quality of our stones, we are Magpie Gemstones.

October 17, 2011

Gem or Pearl?

Would you rather be a gem or a pearl? I know of people who use both of these terms to describe others and I've wondered if there is any difference in what they mean. I've been called a gem before, but never a pearl. Does that mean I'm not pure enough to be a pearl? Perhaps we shouldn't even think about that. Moving on . . .

I can tell you that Magpie Gemstones does have pearls as well as gems. Have you looked in the pearl section of the online offering lately? If not, I think you would be amazed by the plethora of offerings from which you can choose.  Here's the problem. I can't decide which ones I need. Do I want the copper baroque rondells or the pink baroque rice pearls. Perhaps I should go with the cream baroque round pearls. I know! At these prices, I'll just get them all! Since I'm a gem, don't you think I deserve pearls?

Speaking of gems . . . have you noticed the wide use of Magpie Gemstones' beads shown by innovative designers on the Client's Blog? I wish I could show you all of these, but today I'm letting Jill White's piece represent the others. You can see the full showing of client's pieces at this address http://turquoisemagpie.blogspot.com/

Whether I'm using gems or pearls, I often have trouble deciding on the appropriate length for necklaces. This week, I wrote a little tutorial for you on how to make necklace extenders. These have saved my day several times and provide options for changing the length of a piece without having to restring it. http://www.magpiegemstones.com/how_to_make_extenders.html

By the way, a Magpie Gem (Kateri) will be in Austin at the gem and mineral show next weekend, October 21-23 at the Palmer Events Auditorium. For more information about this show, you can check the following address: http://www.austingemandmineral.org/. Kateri promises to bring both gems and pearls.

We hope you are currently enjoying this Fall season and weather you are a gem or a pearl, you are appreciate your products from Magpie Gemstones.
. . . providing you the best in both gems and pearls, we are Magpie Gemstones.

October 9, 2011

Time to Bead

I always enjoy the beginning of Fall and the changing of the leaves is a big reminder that I should be planning ahead for Christmas shows and gifts. I've got to carve out even more time to bead. Luckily, Magpie Gemstones allows me to get the beads I need quite quickly so I can keep my momentum going.

New pendants went into the online store this week and I'm thinking just how quickly I can make these into beautiful necklaces. The two shown here are abalone and shell inlaid pendants all set to hang on a chain, leather or bead strand. People seem to love these year round and they come to us at a good price from Magpie.

I'm seeing a strong leather bracelet trend this year and was pleased to find these flourite big hole beads in stock at Magpie. I don't know about you, but I used to find it difficult to gather beads to go on leather. The holes tended to be too small, but these are great and the colors are nice also. I can use the larger gauge wire with these and I'm also thinking about stringing them on leather with knots between each bead. There are so many possibilities.. . how can I decide?
Do you enjoy taking jewelry design classes? Perhaps you already do some teaching. I asked readers what they look for in a good teacher and put the results of their answers (and a few thoughts of my own) into this week's featured article. You can find my writing titled "Teaching Jewelry Making Classes" at the following address: http://www.magpiegemstones.com/teaching_jewelry_making.html There's nothing like an inspiring class to provide ideas and encourage you to find time to bead.

Don't forget to look for Kateri in Victoria, Texas October 14-16 at the Victoria Gem and Mineral Show. This is being held at the Victoria Community Center. We've found this to be a great show and hope that if you are in the area, you'll drop by and say hello. Just think of all those beads she will have at the show that you can touch, take home and then work up for yourself.
By the way, if you find thing getting in your way when it's time to bead just wear that facial expression that alerts others that you really NEED to bead. Beading makes me a nicer person!

. . . providing gems for your time to bead, we are Magpie Gemstones.

October 4, 2011

On the Road Again

Did you ever feel like you just couldn't quite keep up? I reminds me of an old joke about a baseball game that asks "who's on first?" It's been that kind of week at Magpie Gemstones where you wondered why someone was packing the car, where the show van was headed and I hoped I knew where I was supposed to be. Luckily, everyone knew just what they should be doing and it seems to have all worked out fine. Here's the scoop: Szarka and daughter are driving to Canada to visit family, Kateria just finished a bead show for the Hill Country Bead Society retreat, I just taught two classes at the same retreat and in between we took and filled your orders. Why, we looked like a well-oiled machine! Magpie Gemstones took care of all the tasks.

One of the joys of having an online business comes from the ability to continue functions as long as you can access the internet. Magpie Gemstones makes sure there is someone available to package and mail orders that come through no matter what other tasks others are undertaking away from the bead stock.

Speaking of the beads, did you see the new saphires that went in the store this week? If you have been reading this blog very long, I'll bet you have figured out that blue is one of my favorite colors and these blues are exceptional. I'm also excited about the Amber cabs that are now available. Take a peek at the ones shown here and know there are several more sizes and colors available.

While we've been on the road and working, we've also been thinking about you and the questions you send our way. Some of you are concerned about how to sell your jewelry and we have a new free article available to help you alleviate that concern. http://www.magpiegemstones.com/how_to_sell_your_jewelry.html

If you would like to be "on the road again", join Kateria in Temple, Texas at the Tri-City Gem and Mineral Show, October 8-9. This will be at the Mayborn Center. Be sure to tell her you read about the show on this blog. Maybe I'll get a pat on the back for that!

. . . on the road again and at the computer for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.