October 4, 2011

On the Road Again

Did you ever feel like you just couldn't quite keep up? I reminds me of an old joke about a baseball game that asks "who's on first?" It's been that kind of week at Magpie Gemstones where you wondered why someone was packing the car, where the show van was headed and I hoped I knew where I was supposed to be. Luckily, everyone knew just what they should be doing and it seems to have all worked out fine. Here's the scoop: Szarka and daughter are driving to Canada to visit family, Kateria just finished a bead show for the Hill Country Bead Society retreat, I just taught two classes at the same retreat and in between we took and filled your orders. Why, we looked like a well-oiled machine! Magpie Gemstones took care of all the tasks.

One of the joys of having an online business comes from the ability to continue functions as long as you can access the internet. Magpie Gemstones makes sure there is someone available to package and mail orders that come through no matter what other tasks others are undertaking away from the bead stock.

Speaking of the beads, did you see the new saphires that went in the store this week? If you have been reading this blog very long, I'll bet you have figured out that blue is one of my favorite colors and these blues are exceptional. I'm also excited about the Amber cabs that are now available. Take a peek at the ones shown here and know there are several more sizes and colors available.

While we've been on the road and working, we've also been thinking about you and the questions you send our way. Some of you are concerned about how to sell your jewelry and we have a new free article available to help you alleviate that concern. http://www.magpiegemstones.com/how_to_sell_your_jewelry.html

If you would like to be "on the road again", join Kateria in Temple, Texas at the Tri-City Gem and Mineral Show, October 8-9. This will be at the Mayborn Center. Be sure to tell her you read about the show on this blog. Maybe I'll get a pat on the back for that!

. . . on the road again and at the computer for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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