May 4, 2012

New Website? You Asked and We Listened!

You asked and we listened. We have almost completed negotiations with Claim the Web to build our new website. Many of you have asked for and needed features like:
  • wish list
  • visual search
  • search by price
  • bigger thumbnails
  • ability to buy from the catalogue page (as opposed to the product page)
  • a way to track your past purchases
  • top notch search engine
  • sign in with facebook
  • product reviews
. . . and more. Well we went on the hunt and we interviewed many web design companies and shopping cart platforms and I think we made a really good decision to go with this company. They are also willing to work with us in the future to build programs that you all want and need when we know we need them.

How this impacts you? Well the site right now will no longer have the "specialty pages" updated. For instance I will not be adding the new A grade beads to the "Top Shelf Page". Also because Karen Meador is swamped helping me rewrite category pages and because we will be swamped doing data entry there will be fewer blog posts and new articles for about a month. Don't worry we have so many now you can spend that month looking at what is presently on the site.

I hope you agree it is worth it though.

How this will NOT affect you? We will continue to put new beads in almost everyday, sales will run as they have been, we will provide our top notch service as we always have since that is our priority everyday and after that is done we pull up our shirt sleeves and get on the website redesign.

I hope the new site will meet your needs and ours and make it just that much better for you all. We are doing this because the second part of our slogan is so true (well the first part is too!) "Great Beads for Great People" and you all deserve it.

We do not yet have a timeline when this change will take place but as soon as I do I will let you all know.

Remember if you ever have any questions we are only a phone call (512-392-3091) , an email, or a facebook post away!