October 17, 2011

Gem or Pearl?

Would you rather be a gem or a pearl? I know of people who use both of these terms to describe others and I've wondered if there is any difference in what they mean. I've been called a gem before, but never a pearl. Does that mean I'm not pure enough to be a pearl? Perhaps we shouldn't even think about that. Moving on . . .

I can tell you that Magpie Gemstones does have pearls as well as gems. Have you looked in the pearl section of the online offering lately? If not, I think you would be amazed by the plethora of offerings from which you can choose.  Here's the problem. I can't decide which ones I need. Do I want the copper baroque rondells or the pink baroque rice pearls. Perhaps I should go with the cream baroque round pearls. I know! At these prices, I'll just get them all! Since I'm a gem, don't you think I deserve pearls?

Speaking of gems . . . have you noticed the wide use of Magpie Gemstones' beads shown by innovative designers on the Client's Blog? I wish I could show you all of these, but today I'm letting Jill White's piece represent the others. You can see the full showing of client's pieces at this address http://turquoisemagpie.blogspot.com/

Whether I'm using gems or pearls, I often have trouble deciding on the appropriate length for necklaces. This week, I wrote a little tutorial for you on how to make necklace extenders. These have saved my day several times and provide options for changing the length of a piece without having to restring it. http://www.magpiegemstones.com/how_to_make_extenders.html

By the way, a Magpie Gem (Kateri) will be in Austin at the gem and mineral show next weekend, October 21-23 at the Palmer Events Auditorium. For more information about this show, you can check the following address: http://www.austingemandmineral.org/. Kateri promises to bring both gems and pearls.

We hope you are currently enjoying this Fall season and weather you are a gem or a pearl, you are appreciate your products from Magpie Gemstones.
. . . providing you the best in both gems and pearls, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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