July 30, 2010

Can I Make a Living Making Jewelry?

A new article just went into the blog.

Faith Davis Ferris answers this question that is always on the mind of new jewelry makers. This was in response to a question in an online forum Wire Wrapped Jewelry. I asked her if I could share it with my clients. I thought her words were very good and succinct.

For my 2-5 cents I'll say what I think is true. You don't know till you try. Can you fail? Yes. It can also work. Marginally. Well. Very Well. That being said a couple of points.

First, you need to consider all the 'core' aspects and responsibilities involved in a small business start-up.

To begin you need to apply, process and complete any permit applications your state, town and in some cases HOA require. The actual permits, paperwork, requirements may vary so be sure to confirm with your state, county town, HOA* They many include and are not necessarily limited to: filing for DBA, sales tax certification and zoning to note a possible few.

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  1. Great article -- people often don't realize how much work goes into the non-creative part of the jewelry business.