June 8, 2008

Copying your work Szarka

I bought a number of strands of beads last month to make a bracelet I saw on your blog. I feel kind of funny asking but, can't quite figure out how you did it. Would you mind sharing the technique with me?

I guess I have never really made that clear to the jewelry artists that buy my beads. Much of the jewelry I place on this blog is done so to inspire people with ideas on how they may want to use the gems I sell, or at least to jump start the creative juices.

You are free to copy, sell, and make replica's of anything I post on this blog. You do not need to ask for my permission. You do not have to give me credit.

You see, the way I see it is that my clients are not my customers, they are doing the job of selling my product with their skills and their artistic vision. Anything I can do to help them I will.

(I emailed the person privately telling them how I made the bracelet.)

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