June 17, 2008

Want to be a google adwords spy?


I received this link through an online webinar I was taking on SEO.

This place is amazing. It shows you what Google ad words companies are using to advertise and how much they spend per click.

The Internet makes everything transparent which I am strongly for in business. Truth, transparency, and sustainable business model is something I believe in strongly.

Harvard and Boston finally got on board and are changing the way business looks. The Internet is causing everyone to adapt to this way of thinking, anyway, which I strongly support.

Basically it is the bizarre belief that if you are honest, genuine, live within your means and don't take advantage of people you will succeed. LOL ....... and business has to be taught these "ethics". They finally got jiggy that consumers are not sheep and have brains. :)

I was shocked how much some bead vendors pay in advertising. How they can afford it blows my mind. Well I guess they have to pay for it by jacking up the cost of their beads.

Anyway, I digress, it's a great tool to check out known jewelry businesses to see how they are advertising and their key words and you can bet they use those words in their SEO headings. It also shows what key words people actually search for and which ones are most effective.

Check out the organic search words, now those are the words you really want to be using I would think, not only if you were going to be using adwords but also as meta tags.

Personally I will just keep cutting expenses so I can sell my clients at the best price possible and leave the adwords to the other guys.

I got a kick out of typing in one store and they buy clicks based on their competitors business names and branding.



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