June 8, 2008

What kind of agreement do you make with galleries about maintaining your jewelry?

Hi Szarka,

Whilst we’re on the subject of galleries & consignment, I have some more questions: Do you supply your own display cabinet to the galleries that you consign to?

Also, if the galleries are out of town do you have some kind of agreement about how they will maintain (ie: polish etc) your jewellery so that it always looks its best?



I have not supplied the galleries I work with the displays for my jewelry. Well not cabinetry anyway, sometimes I have let them use busts but that is it.

All the places I have dealt with have their own way to display so I can't help you there.

I have never worried about places taking care of my pieces either. I have mostly dealt with places that are established and have good business practices. I would assume they take care of the product they want to sell.

If you doubt that a place will take care of your pieces that matter I would not risk it.

You have to have an open partnership with a gallery before you approach them. If you go in with a list of expectations you have of them it may put a damper on your relationship.That said I have put pieces into places that I wondered if they would follow through or if I would ever see my pieces again. Not because I got a bad feeling but because I just didn't know them very well.

In those instances I would give them lesser valued pieces and not too many. I got my head around the fact that if I lost them I would write it off as an advertising cost.

It is important to treat the gallery owners with a great deal of respect. The power lies in their hands in the relationship until they start selling a lot of your work and then the relationship balances out a bit. I am not saying let yourself be walked on but going in with a list of expectations or desires really turns off gallery owners.

Think if it was your shop how you would feel with an artist telling you how to run your business? That is how they see it. Now asking them how they take care of the product they have on consignment and what their policy is with shop lifting or breakage is fine. I am careful how I present myself when I ask. I ask in a curious way as opposed to looking for "a problem".

If their policy doesn't work for you then decline to put your work in their business.


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