February 26, 2009

PR - How do I get my jewelry business noticed online?

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If you don't mind a couple of questions, I have read many of your newsletters and can't remember if this was addressed, but I just opened a "store" on artfire. I was wondering if there is a free way to advertise my site and to drive people to my site.

I did a search and there was a lot there, but I don't want to get pulled into a scam or a site that will use my e-mail to send me a lot of junk mail. I do this as a hobby in my retirement and don't have a large budget.

I do plan to use business cards and distribute flyers, perhaps see if I can have a drawing at a local specialty store....but that only gets me advertised locally. I have also asked all my friends to forward the artfire address to their friends, and have some friends on Facebook who have my link on their wall. I've been up for only a week, so I have been networking already.


Robyn Hawk is answering this question for Anita


Anita - thanks for bringing up this topic -

I have been meaning to write a post covering the Jewelry Marketing info I learned at the Tucson Gem Show...and you have given me the push I needed. So - some quick and easy things you can do:

1. Signature Line - You already have covered - this should be set to auto fill on EVERY email you send...you never know!

2. Web Presence - I happen to be partial to ArtFire - they have all the perks of an Etsy shop (they are a marketing machine) but right now you can still see the individual trees in this forest!

3. Tags or Keywords - this is one of the most important quick fixes - what do you think that someone looking for your jewelry would plug into a search engine to find you?

Be as specific as you can - it doesn't have to be a single word sometime a phrase is better "lavender crystal cube bracelet" or use the actual Swarovski color "Tanzanite crystal cube bracelet". The later would be especially good for someone how just discovered how expensive Tanzanite is and sees your piece as a great option!

This is a balancing act however as the search engines will penalize you for jamming lots of unnecessary key words into your site.

4. Blogging - I know, this can seem intimidating but a blog with your ArtFire shop Widget or a Slide presentation that directs people to your selling site can help in lots of ways. Look at this as your way to "stand in front" of your customer...tell the "story" of your piece - talk about the ancient beliefs about a certain color - tell about new techniques you are learning - show photos of things that inspire you (local weather, colors in a sunset, etc.) and the occasional baby and fur baby photo always makes the human connection stronger.

These posts need a photo and only have to be a paragraph or two - short and sweet! ...don't forget your Tags on your blog! The more often you update your blogs - the fresher the content - the higher your ranking in the search engines.

5. Social Media - there are lots of sites to post opinions, thoughts, etc. - don't limit yourself to jewelry sites - jewelers don't buy a lot of jewelry! FaceBook, MySpace, EONS, topics range from mommy sites to book sites...this is where a good intro and your signature line are important.

6. Press Releases - there are several local newspapers in every town - submit your own press release! It is Fashion Week - send out a release that talks about how your pieces work into the looks that are on the runway.

No paper is too small - and the smaller ones may need a Fashion/Image Editor! So - now that you are completely overwhelmed Anita - LOL!

Just tackle one thing at a time and you will see a difference in the number of hits in your shop!

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  1. Thanks this was a great article with some good reminders.

  2. Thanks Robyn!
    Always so encouraging and supportive to all.

  3. Thank you Empress of Public Relations !
    It is an excellent primer on Internet sales.
    Please consider posting this on WWJ and other forums.

    Herman Falcon

  4. Terrific article. I'm doing most of those and seeing success. It does take a lot of TIME, though, which is tough with a six-year old. But it DOES work!!!

  5. Awesome write-up, Robyn. Thank you for taking the time to educate me, and everyone who is contemplating or already in a web-based home business (jewelry or otherwise). I will definitely read this carefully and try to address the items one-by-one. I have been diligently passing out business cards and sending e-mails and have had some positive feedback from those who have visited the site. I have more to put on the site yet, but for now, will see how I do with the items currently listed.

    Thanks again!!!
    Anita Hearn
    BeaDazzled by Anita

  6. Great info! Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you to all of you for your kind words.

    I know that in the instant world of the internet we sometimes think there should be a quick way to do this - but good old fashioned word-of-mouth is pretty much still the way it happens.

    The cool thing is that someone can tell a friend five states away so your w-o-m can happen on both sides of the country at the same time!

    Robyn Hawk