March 6, 2010

Photo borrowed from Sachi News

Predicting jewelry fashion trends is always an interesting endeavor. For years I was always ahead of the trends and thought I had some sixth sense knack for what would be hot. My ego took a tumble when I realized what was hot was what people were making and it all starts with supplies. What ever is discounted and in mass quantity at the gem and bead shows is what will end up being the fashion trend. Ended up that I was not some jewelry Nostradamus but that I was cheap!

That said there is also a trend I have noticed over the many years that I have been making jewelry. If jewelry is tiny and feminine one year the next the swing will be to the other extreme. Also different parts of the country will pick up fads faster or slower than other parts. The usual chain of events is it is fashionable in Europe a few years before the states. It's also is picked up quicker on the coasts and may take a few years to make it over to the center of the country. Good news for people in Texas since they just have to watch New York and LA. Not so easy for LA people.

Even this is rule in the fashion industry is not always set in stone anymore with the level of social networking and internet communication. Designs and styles will take off and spread much more quickly.

Even so what you make as a jewelry designers might get eaten up by clients' but if you are selling to a store or gallery you still have to appeal to their like and dislikes or your pieces won't get in the door.

  • What I see as being hot this summer is long, think 20's flapper double over chain and wired in gemstones long. Layers and combining will be happening and long can be added to anything.

  • Multi strand will be big, especially with chain.

  • Feminine yet bold. Geometric designs and the less traditional.

  • Alternative metals are still receiving open arms with the high cost of silver and gold. By that I don't mean the client doesn't want to pay but the designers don't so as long as they are all kicking out alternative metals it will remain a trend.

Most importantly make items that are uniquely yours. Do not try to copy what you see but make what is in your heart and you will find your niche.

To see the color trends for this spring and summer check here. These are the clothing colors designers are using this year.

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  1. I like big, bold, and long for necklaces.