April 20, 2010

Making a Sale to a Boutique: Part III

Following your initial contact with a boutique or gift store, give the owner about a week to explore your website or any other information you provided. Then make a phone call to find out if the owner has found anything in that information that you might bring by the store. Do not expect the store owner to call you. Often, the person has not thought about or looked at the information you supplied. Your phone call is a chance for you to say that you understand how busy things get, but to say that you really wanted to let the person know about the new pieces you’ve done since you were in the store. Just talk about what you’re making and the enthusiasm you’ve received in other venues. Hopefully, the store owner will realize that you should bring your product to the boutique. If so, ask if there is anything in particular that you need to bring. For example, are customers looking for more bracelets or something in a specific color?

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