May 7, 2011

Happy Day

If you happen to be reading this on Mother's Day, we wish you a happy one. We've not only been celebrating Mother's Day, but also a birthday this week. Gibby added another year to his counting. We gals are glad to have him around to help keep us on track. Thanks Gibby!

Can I make your day a little happier by showing you just a couple of pictures of new beads that went in the store last week? One of my favorites in the mookaite shown below.

I grabbed a strand of these as fast as I could and made the necklace to the right. Perhaps it will help you visualize what you might do with them. By the way, we'd love to see what you do with any of the Magpie beads. Why not send us a photo?

I just realized there are also some mookaite cabs in the store. Hmm . . . my happy day will be when I get some of those!

You might also like the Titanium Druzy Cabs that are new this week.

Wouldn't the one on the right look fantastic wrapped in silver wire?

We appreciated the many comments you sent us about the patina article last week. This writer, in particular, likes to know what you think and whether or not you like a particular article. Although Szarka has given me a substantial list based on your comments and questions, I'd enjoy knowing if you have suggestions for others? Please send them our way.

. . . wishing you a Happy Day, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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