August 21, 2011

Leather Anyone?

I wanted to use this venue to let you know about Magpie Owner Szarka's video on YouTube where she shows us how to incorporate leather into our jewelry designs. For some time I avoided using leather in my designs because I didn't know what to do with it. This video shows just how easy it is to use leather and acquaints viewers with the many options for using it in designs. I now use leather often, but watched the video and it sparked several new ideas I want to try. Did you know you can even use leather in earrings? I'll be trying that one today. If you need any leather for your next jewelry project, we do carry it at the following link: The photos show a couple of necklaces Szarka has made using leather as a design element.

Here's my question about the video Szarka made on using leather. Why would a woman who makes her living selling beads show us a way that can save us money on our designs by using leather? Wouldn't you think she would want us to need as many beads as possible? I'm priviledged to have been acquainted with the Magpie Gemstones company long enough to realize that they truly want to help us as artists. Leather is a viable design element that can add interest and change the look of our pieces. Yes, it's true that means we may need less beads for a piece, but Magpie Gemstones simply wants to help us get better at what we do. I, for one, appreciate this attitude and look forward to whatever artistic help the company can share with us.

The next gem show date for Magpie Gemstones is the Enid Gem and Mineral Society show in Enid, Oklahoma. It will be held September 16-18.

On a sad note, two Magpies have been out of town this week attending an out of state funeral for a young family member. As usual, Szarka and Kateri have manned the fort well, but look forward to returning to normalcy by next Wednesday. If you've not seen quite as many informative posts this week you will now understand this reason for this.

Next week there will be a new newsletter out and new beads will go into the store so watch for updates and don't forget to consider leather in your designs.

. . . encouraging your artistic endeavors, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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  1. Szarka and Kateri are the best. You can't meet 2 nicer, warm, loving a caring people. I had the honor last year at a Gen show in my area !!.
    I feel truly blessed to know them. Their merchandise is quality as well as great prices too !!!!
    God Bless this family !!!

    HUGS.. Dora