September 8, 2011


Writing beside my office window, I can't help noticing the strong wind pushing through the trees. The leaves are still hanging on, but it won't be long before the winds of Fall will push them off the branches. In a few weeks it will be time to get outside and notice the Fall colors that are abundantly displayed in the leaves. I think those colors provide great inspiration for creating beautiful jewelry for the upcoming season.

Magpie Gemstones just happens to have leaves available for us in clay. These are made by Clay Genie and if you don't know about her work, you can read about her at the following link: It's always a treat to use some of the art created by this woman. Don't leave these behind too long or they'll be gone!

Speaking of leaf colors, you can see some of them in one of the photos in this week's article. It is the second part of creating multistrand jewelry and focuses on using connectors and separators. I hope you'll take a chance to try some of these necklaces. They have certainly been doing well with my customers.

I'd like to suggest you "leaf" through the jasper section of Magpie Gemstones on line. Many of the colors in the jasper stones are reminders of the vibrant Fall spectrum coming our way. I think you could find some great stones that would work well alone or with the leaves from Clay Genie.

Although there are many other ways to talk about leaves, I wouldn't want to be corny and ask you to "turn over a new leaf" by trying a stone from Magpie Gemstones that you have never used before. It would also be pretty silly to stretch this and say you don't want to be left "leafless" without any beads at the great prices Magpie offers. So, I'll just leaf on out of here.

. . . "leaving" the best for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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