March 16, 2012


There have many many opportunities this week to go outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. While some of you are still in the cold of the previous season, we know we are fortunate to live where the season arrives early. For us, it's gardening/landscaping season and we have to watch Szarka so she's not in the garden instead of putting new beads in the store for you. Don't worry, we've got that covered.

Actually, there are lots of new beads that went into the store in the last few days. Did you see the kyanite? I'm drooling over the beautiful cabachons and thinking they would look great with some of these rondelles. If you look in the kyanite section of the store, you'll also find other kyanite beauties to ignite your imagination. Why don't you take this opportunity to see what's there for you?

While you are online, you might also like to see the new ruby briolettes that are available. They're faceted and really pretty. Yet, if they aren't your signature color, take a peek at the emeralds. 'Tis the month for green!

I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to create and sell jewelry for the upcoming season. Magpie Gemstones certainly helps me out with this and I find just looking at the gemstones online brings me inspiration. If you are doing some shows, you might appreciate Szarka's response to a question she received about pricing pieces. We likely all have our own system of pricing jewelry, but it's nice to hear what experience has taught her. If you don't have a pricing system, you might want to consider the one described.

I trust that we are all open to opportunities. One good piece of advice I was given by a veteran jewelry maker was to always have pieces ready to wear, give or sell. When opportunity knocks you wouldn't want to be "without". I try to keep plenty of pieces made and on hand and I also keep a good supply of Magpie Gemstones' strands near my work area so I can create when opportunity comes in the form of inspiration. I just can't be "without" beads!

If you are in the area of Alpine, Texas, take this opportunity to go by and see Kateri at the Big Bend Gem and Mineral Show, April 20-22. This event is being held at the Alpine Civic Center and is sponsored by the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies, Inc., the Chihuahuan Desert Gem & Mineral Club, and the City of Alpine. Alpine is in a very interesting part of the country and many artists live and work in the area. You could make it a trip and see some Magpie Gemstones as well! I'm wondering if this is my opportunity to stow away in the van and go with Kateri. Do you think she'd notice me?

Helping provide design opportunities for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, Ph.D.
Magpie Gemstones writer

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