March 23, 2012

What Do You Want?

We need help! We want ideas from you on tutorials (skills only), articles, gemstones and anything else related to jewelry design and selling.

We would much prefer to write and research articles YOU want to hear about not just what we think you might want to hear about.

Leave a comment below so we can keep them all in one place and refer back to it.

We have a wealth of information on the website, fantastic articles written by jewelry makers and sellers. Everything from selling jewelry, making jewelry, care of metals and much much more.

Do you ever have questions about how to; price your jewelry, sell it, make it, generate more ideas, sell it online? You have come to the right place, we have a library of jewelry making information available right here at your finger tips and more articles and tutorials being added all the time.

With 20 years experience making and selling jewelry and with a writer who is not only professional but a stickler on good solid research you have discovered a wealth of information.

We need more ideas though, if you have a moment share with us what your burning questions or obstacles are.

Thanks, Szarka


  1. Gina Hockett23.3.12

    I know there are many facets to selling jewelry online. I would like to see a series of tutorials on setting up and maintaining a website to sell jewelry, blog, etc that I can do myself. Don't know why that seems to be a big stumbling block for me. I have a website, domain name, etc. but I have not done anything with it, just don't know where to start or where to go for help.

  2. I would love to see more articles, tutorials on weaving with wire. I just moved to an area in southern florida where there are no classes on ths subject.

  3. Anonymous24.3.12

    Here are a few suggestions:
    A)Related to stones, treatments that are applied to stones, gemstones, beads etc. Both common and accepted treatments and those to avoid.

    More on stones, what is the most popular gemstone? I have heard quoted that blue is the most widely sold colored stone, is this true? What kind of stone is sold more often? Is it a fine gemstone? Or, are more beads purchased and used world wide? What is the world wide total annual market in stones? Fine gems vs cabs/beads etc.

    B)The historical background for some of the well known techniques. For example, why is the 'Egyptian Spiral' so named?

    The history of jewelry. This is broad but one could focus on one identified style at a time, this could be a series, for example, Egyptian, Celtic, Art Nouveau, or even focus on one designer, like Coco Chanel and her wonderful pearls.

  4. Anonymous24.3.12

    I would like a lesson or two on combining wire wrap with sheet metal

  5. I'd like to see tutorials on hammering techniques with different types of hammers. Also using an anvil. And mandrels. Do you hammer on a ring mandrel or just use it for sizing?

  6. Anonymous31.3.12

    Hi Szarka!

    My tute suggestions are: (I love the tute you did on wrapping brios and now use your method exclusively; would just greatly appreciate it if you expanded on it as in the next 3 suggestions.)

    1) I would love a tute on chaos wrapped brios.
    2) Including tiny gems on the wire wrapping the brio.
    3) Also, wrapping brios neatly down the gem past the brio holes.
    4) Different types/styles of ear wires.
    5) Making handmade chains ... different styles/types of chain.
    6) How to make "cluster" earrings...tiny gems clustered above a gemstone brio or drop bead.
    7) Different types/styles of clasps besides the traditional S-clasp; or even ways to vary the S-clasp.
    8) How to/ways to wrap a cab.

    Just some ideas!

  7. Anonymous2.4.12

    I'm certainly a huge fan of your work, store, love your stones.