October 5, 2012

Free Fun

The two words in the title are not always put together, but if you love making jewelry, Magpie Gemstones can help you join them by providing free fun. We're hoping you have already joined our Facebook group, Jewelry Makers and Beads Lovers. Actually, 1000+ people have done just that and so we gave away this great pendant.

I know, you're probably wishing that you had won it. Dar Miller from Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia was the lucky winner. She markets her jewelry through Sun, Stars and Sea Jewelry Design and contributes comments, etc. to our Facebook group.

This is the group where we share the free tutorials and discuss how to improve our work. You can get many ideas from this amicable group of jewelry makers and there's no advertising done in the group. If you haven't joined us, now would be a good time. You just never know when we might give away something else. It's definitely Free Fun!

Working to benefit you, we are Magpie Gemstones.
Karen Meador, PhD


  1. Dar Miller5.10.12

    I am so OVER THE MOON with this pendant that I received today. I know, since I'm struggling to make ends meet, that I should hang it on a chain and put it on my page for sale. But its mineminemine!!! Just can't let it go. I will wear it proudly, and think of the wonderful Magpie Gemstones, everytime I do. Thank you so much!!!!! :)