March 28, 2013

Close Out Sale and Beads of the Week!

As just about everyone knows, Magpie Gemstones has been having a major close out sale. Hundreds of categories have already completely sold out. In the Super Sale section, there are still 65 items left, but now at 50% off, they won't last long!! And check out the Sale section where you will find even more items, now marked down to 30% off! Don't think this is the picked over lot that's left-everything on sale is just as great a quality as the new items that just went in!

Speaking of New items, some of my favorite stones were added this week-charoite, kyanite, malachite and garnets just to name a few. Varying grades make the new beads affordable without compromising the excellent quality and beauty. AA grade malachite beads and kyanite cabochons, lush charoite rondelles, sweet little hessonite garnets and pyrite in great faceted shapes as well as donuts and hearts! Natural yellow African opal,  mookaite, amazonite and AA grade rhodocrosite look so gemmy and lush, they belong in a candy bowl! Stock is not unlimited, and it's hard to find both great quality and fantastic prices, so don't wait and get them while you can. Remember, Magpie Gemstones will be closed from April 26th through July 1st. Have a great, bead-filled weekend!

On behalf of Magpie Gemstones,
Heather Otto
Mama's Craft Room

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