November 6, 2010

Business Cards

In one of the online jewelry making forums I belong to we are having a discusion about business cards. I uploaded pictures of my jewelry business cards here so I could show what I was talking about. The issue is shiny or not, hand printed or not, double sided etc ... you get the gist.

I get these from a company called ... they chose the pictures off my website and built the card, asked if it was ok and I had them in the mail pronto. Great company (watch for typos though), and inexpensive.

I believe the the photos of jewelry they chose had more to do with the background colors of their design working with the background color of the photos as opposed to what peices I would have chosen but because the decision was so hard for me I just went with it.


  1. Thanks for the info. I had some troubles making business cards, but now, thanks to you I know what to do.Wish you success in your activity!

  2. Great card with a great post.I think business card designs are very important to convey the right message and impression to your clients.