November 1, 2010

Pricing Handmade Jewelry for Etsy

One of the discussions I hear often in jewelry making forums is the issue of pricing jewelry. Eventually it turns to how inexpensive jewelry on etsy is. A few people come to their defense that they are selling low to get their "sales" numbers up and will eventually return to a pricing system that is consistent elsewhere.

I follow these converstaions and often wonder if that tactic works or not. I do not have much experience with etsy so for me it is always just a passing thought in my brain.

I came across a few articles written by etsians on the subject and thought they may be interesting to those of you thinking about etsy or sitting on one side of the fence or the other on this issue. Do tell what you think?

The following article I discovered on and you will have to click here to read it all. I don't want to copy it here and get them upset with me.


Pricing is often one of the hardest parts of starting an Etsy shop for a newbie seller. Crafters often tend to undervalue their wares, and underestimate the real money and time that went into their creation. Or, they feel that customers won't pay anything but rock bottom prices for their work. But learning to recognize the value and worth of the handmade items you make, and communicating that value through price, is one of the most important steps a new seller can make to set their Etsy shop on a firm financial footing and build a foundation for Etsy success.
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