February 28, 2011

Exciting Week

If you have been reading the recent blog entries here, you have probably realized that I'm (Dr. Karen) writing for Szarka, allowing her more time to get all those great beads where we can all see them in her store. Since I'm not an owner, I am free to do a bit of bragging on the way things work at Magpie Gemstones.

(Come read about all of us if you have time. Our bios just went up on the site. We would love to meet you.)

As you may know Gibby, Szarka's hubby, who is home and doing well now, had a heart attack last week. I'm not telling you this to gain sympathy, but to remark about the fact that the business continued to flow perfectly even in time of difficulty.

Szarka obviously spent considerable time at the hospitol, yet she managed to keep facebook posts and newsletters going while Kateri diligently got our orders out and off to the mail on time. If I hadn't been privy to a phone call, I wouldn't have known what was going on. Kateria even got away to do a gem show in Pasadena, Texas, last weekend as Szarka returned to fill orders. A good working business stays oiled and moving even if something tries to upset the machine.

OK, that's enough accolades for one post. What about the beads? Have you seen the new azurite that just went into the store? I have to get some of them because I think they will work well mixed with the Spring colors or standing alone.

You might enjoy looking at the new article that just went onto the site this week. It pertains to what you might do if your muse leaves home and you are left without design ideas. The title is Generating Jewelry Ideas by Making Connections. The manner in which the article suggests you generate ideas may seem a bit farfetched, but I can assure you it works if you give it a chance. We'd enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Speaking of "what you come up with", we would also enjoy seeing pictures of your pretties and putting them in the Magpie Gemstones client's blog. You can send those to turquoisemagpie@hotmail.com. The client's blog is another good place to help you generate ideas. Something you see there can inspire a design of your own. Many clients also sell their work from there. It's great exposure and your get a link pointing to your site.

Until next time, we're working hard for you at Magpie Gemstones.

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