February 15, 2011

More New Beads

Magpie is beginning to get many of the new beads from Tuscon into the store now. Have you looked at the website lately? It's pretty amazing to realize that there are about 250 different types of turquoise in the store. Would that be a "plethora" of opportunities for buyers? I think so!

The photos obviously show only a smattering or what's available, so why not take a moment and look at those "T" gemstones on the website?

One of my favorite new beads that went in the store this week is the blue tigereye. My current issue with these is trying to decide which of my design ideas I should start on for these beauties. Maybe I should just get started! I'm hoping to see lots of ideas when customers, like me, finish pieces and sent them to Szarka to go in the client's blog where she posts our designs.

By the way, there's a monthly meet up of wire workers that occurs in San Marcos, Texas each third Thursday. Szarka from Magpie Gemstones will be demonstrating how to make wire clasps this week and others will be showing links etc. as we put together handmade chains and belts. If you are in the area, let us know as we would be glad to see you. If not, I hope there is something going on in your area where you can share ideas with others. It can be quite invigorating.

. . . until next time, we're still working for you at Magpie Gemstones.

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