February 9, 2011

New Beads, Bead Shows and More News

 It's been a very busy couple of weeks at Magpie Gemstones. The company appreciated the great customer response to the 20% off sale and following its completion the owners were off to Tucson for the bead show. I hope you were able to follow some of this adventure on the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MagpieGemstones and can appreciate the dedication it takes to get and find the very best beads at the very best price to bring home for customers. (I can say this because I'm not only the guest writer, but also a big customer.)

Yesterday, I found everyone working diligently to start getting the new beads organized, stored, priced, through their photo shoot and in to the store. There were beads everywhere! Look at these beautiful kyanite rounds. They are huge!

Although it will take some time to get these beads into the store, those of you near upcoming bead show locations may have the opportunity to see a few of the beauties. You can find Magpie Gemstones in Georgetown, Texas on February 19-20 at the Williamson County Gemboree and in Pasadena, Texas on February 26-27 at the Clear lake Gem & Mineral Show. For more information check out the bead show page on the website.


Not near these locations? . . . Perhaps if you start driving, flying or walking fast now you can make one of these shows.

This week you can find new additions to the gemstone properties on the website. Take a peek at the properties of the different types of quartz that just went in.


Although I provided information about other stone properties some time ago, I'm just getting to these different quartz descriptions.

Have a happy, productive week and know that Magpie Gemstones is working for you. ~Karen Meador~

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