May 22, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Although many new beads have recently gone into the store, I particularly wanted to share two of my favorites with you. Magpie Gemstones previously had something similar to these and I have used them repeatedly. The first is orange spiney oyster. I think I've used spiney oyster chips in this color, but these buttons look even more yummy. These are wonderful as a single strand or in a mixed strand with various gemstones. I particularly like this spiney oyster with turquoise, lapis, amethyst or some combination of these. I've also used this mixed with some of the small fetishes available in the store.

I also wanted you to see the yellow jade rounds that are in the store. It's hard to believe the great price on these 8 mm rounds ($2.69), but this allows us to rather inexpensively create something nice with multiple strands. I think you'll find this color works well with a plethora of other gemstones.

One of my favorite design techniques is also featured in a tutorial I just finished that Szarka put online this week. This one takes you on a pictorial journey through riveting. I hope you will find it helpful since it's a technique with which I previously struggled. We hope the tutorial makes the process simpler for you if you haven't already mastered it. Let Rosie provide encouragement. She wouldn't steer you wrong and we won't either!

Finally, here's my MOST favorite thing of the week. FREE BEADS! On May 31, we will have a drawing and give away a $200 shopping spree for Magpie Gemstones. What a deal!!! Look on the website homepage to learn about FREE.

. . . finding things that can become YOUR favorites, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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