July 24, 2011

Running Shoes

Have you noticed the large number of beads that have gone into the Magpie Gemstones' store this week? After the owners were gone on a buying trip and secured new turquoise beads, they came right home and put on their running shoes to get as much as possible into the store for us to see. It's been all business this week as new things were photographed, described and entered. I know we featured the turquoise in last week's blog, but I wanted to be sure you didn't miss seeing these graduated beauties. Yes, I just had to get some for myself and I'm going to need more! Get them before I do . . . want to race?

If I were you I would run right over to the computer and pick out one of the Titanium Druzy pendants set in sterling silverthat are available. I purchased something similar to this a few months ago and I thought there was going to be a fight between two customers regarding who saw it first. These are especially nice because they come complete with bail and are ready to go. How easy is that?

I think that Kateri, who helps fill the orders, even put on her running shoes this week to help get all the orders right out. Actually, she's always running to get these off to you and I believe Magpie is among the very few online stores that gets orders in the mail immediately. That makes a big difference to me because when I buy beads I want them Right Now! Don't get in Kateri's way when she's headed to the post office with your orders. She's a gal on a mission.

Kateri and Szarka will be running off to Mississippi in just a few weeks for the next bead show. They hope you'll come visit them on August 12-14 for the Harrison County Gem & Mineral Society Show at Pass Christian, MS.

Did you see the new tutorial we just put up on how to make your own headpins? http://www.magpiegemstones.com/makingheadpins.html I hope you will find it helpful and that it will keep you from having to run out to the store and make a purchase. It's really easy and quick to make your own.

That's it for now since I've got to go put my running shoes on and get back to work. Don't forget to let us know if you have any questions about the Magpie Gemstones products or making and selling jewelry.

. . . wearing our running shoes for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

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