July 17, 2011


Are any of you old enough to remember when Cabbage Patch dolls first came out? Every little girl just had to have one and supposedly the factory just couldn't make enough so they were in short supply. Parents stood in long lines that began predawn for the slim chance of snagging one for a child. Perhaps you're more aware of the current generation who has waited in line for a new Harry Potter book or an IPad II. I always wondered if the manufacturers were just teasing us by saying their supply wouldn't meet the demand. It made many of us that more eager to make a purchase. I have always wondered if the hoopla was just a big tease and there was more product available than the manufacturers released.

What if I said that Magpie Gemstones has this great new turquoise but you can't have it right now? I might even allude to the possibility that it could be in short supply. Would that also be a tease? Yes and no. The Magpie owners went on a quick buying trip last week and came home with a huge amount of new gorgeous turquoise. When Szarka opened just one box to show me some of it, I was flabergasted by the quality of the strands. I hope that I didn't actually drool on any of them. Why, there was enough turquoise that we could have emersed the youngest Magpie in it just as you bury people in the sand on the beach (for fun, of course).

So, the point is that The Turquoise is Coming and I'm not teasing. The current supply looks good, but you should get what you want when you see it. Watch for it to go into the store just as quickly as the pictures have been taken and information put on the website. I think you will be pleased with both the quality and the price of the new beauties and I'm NOT teasing!

The giveaway is still on!


By the way, there are only a few more days to either place an order or get a postcard to Magpie so you can be in the drawing for the free necklace. No Teasing . . . you had better hurry up! Check out the information at the link. http://www.magpiegemstones.com/jewelry_giveaway.html

. . . telling you the truth without teasing, we are Magpie Gemstones.


  1. Barb Finch17.7.11

    Wow, that is some GORGEOUS turquoise!!!!

  2. My Visa is loaded and I'm gunning for bear... er, turquoise.

  3. Turquoise Bears!

  4. Barb West22.7.11

    I'm still drooling over the gorgeous opal I received last week. Now you're dangling turquoise temptation in front of me? There goes my budget for the rest of the month! LOL!