December 4, 2011

Cyber Every Day

Did you take part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday for shopping this year? Every year I think I should get busy and take advantage of these two events, but I usually wait until the last minute for my shopping. I'll have to admit that much of my shopping and wish list centers around beads and new tools that I've had my eye one. My friends know and expect something handmade and a girl has to shop for components. Right? What I've discovered about cyber "this and that" is I don't have to have an event to get the same great prices on my gemstones at Magpie. With just a few mouse clicks I can get the beads I want at the best prices. I don't have to wait for a sale. At Magpie Gemstones, I guess I could say it's "Cyber Every Day" all year.
Here's an example of what I mean. Did you see the Hubei turquoise oval cabachons available for just $4.99 each? Let's keep that quiet since I think Szarka must have made a mistake pricing them.

I also think that the gorgeous druzy freeform cabs make super gifts when wrapped in sterling wire. Actually, I've got a couple of friends who would be pleased just to receive the cab and then do their own things. Be sure to note the sparkle in the photos of these pieces.

The Pietersite cabs are perfect for someone who has everything. This stone is probably less familiar to most and don't we always want something different?

Cyber-wise, Magpie Gemstones continues to work on adding information to the website that will help all of us in our jewelry making. Be sure to check out the basic information about properties, treatment, hardness, etc. of gemstones. I refer to this page often when I'm trying to make a decision about a stone or want to describe it to someone.

Watch for new videos to be added to the website. I know that Szarka and her able young assistant, the little Magpie, worked on several things this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing what they created for us. (Isn't Cyber Every Day great?)

By the way, Cyber Every Day isn't just during the day. Customers from all around the world shop at various times during their day or night and all those orders get prompt service.

Hoping you Cyber with us, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, writer

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