December 11, 2011

In a Hurry

It seems that people spend a good deal of time rushing around in December. I made what should have been a quick trip to a discount store yesterday and was amazed at all the scurrying folks. At first I thought I might just turn around and go home, but finally I just jumped right in a hurried around with them.

Some other people have also been hurrying online. I returned home to find the Magpie Gemstones weekly newsletter on my computer and before I could order the gem I wanted, someone beat me to it. This used to bother me, but now I realize that the gemstones Magpie sells are truly exceptional and I'd better hurry up if I want to have them. I'm not going to find the same stones on every bead corner. This is the opposite of what worries me when I purchase a dress at a local boutique. With the dress, I worry about whether my friend will buy the same thing and we will end up wearing it at the same function. (Ok, you men reading this will not understand!) Obviously, this isn't going to happen with the beads from Magpie Gemstones. Even if a friend and I purchase the same strand, we each create our own unique design.

You might want to be in a hurry to pick out some of the beautiful new beads that went in to the store recently. I'm partial to the iolite briolettes shown below.

If you really like blue, hurry online and looks at the saphires too. They are quite yummy! You might also consider the tourmaline.

Any of these would be appreciated as a gift in a necklace for someone or simply as loose gemstones for your beady friend.

Szarka had to do a bit of hurrying when a cold snap hit central Texas this week. Have you ever tried to cover a garden in sheets with a strong wind pelting you in the face? She says it's not a pleasant experience. I sure hope that garden appreciated her efforts. I also hope no one gets depressed since the backyard now looks like a morgue.

You might enjoy watching the new online video that Szarka made with the help of the littlest Magpie. This short production even has music! From the video, we can observe how to hammer the ends of closed loop links. Hurry on over to this link and watch it.

If you find yourself hurrying around this week, we hope you will take time to breath and enjoy the season.

Hurrying to serve our customers, we are Magpie Gemstones
Karen Meador, writer

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