February 5, 2012

Been There . . .

I started to write the title of this post as "been there . . . done that". It is an appropriate title, but doesn't quite give the right connotation. Yet, Magpie has "been there" (many different times) and "done that" (the Tuscon buy). The two chief Magpies just returned from a week long buying trip to Tuscon loaded with all manner of goodies for us. It will take a long time to get all the new beads into the store, but I can, at least, show you how things are coming along. Below are photos of the Wall of New that I snapped yesterday. I didn't capture the boxes of new, as you wouldn't see much from a photo; so you'll just have to trust me regarding the outstanding contents of each one. I was drooling over the plethora of cabachons.

Have you ever stayed up way too late because you were excitedly working on a design project? I've certainly "been there" and wished I hadn't "done that" by the next day. Thankfully, one Magpie has done that several nights in a row in order to get a nice sampling of the new beads in the store and ready for customers. I've selected just a few turquoise beauties to show in this entry. You'll have to decide whether you like the Nacozari or prefer the Hubei. I'm still trying to decide.

I know that Kateri will have some new things, purchased especially for the shows, when she arrives at the Williamson County Gemboree in Georgetown, TX. This event will be held on February 18-19 at the Community Center in San Gabriel Park. It's your first good chance to see the beads out and about in 2012 and even though you may have previously "done that", the inventory is ever changing. You wouldn't want to miss out, now would you?

We're busily working on new free tutorials and articles for you and should have those ready soon. Don't forget that if you have specific interests or questions, we'd like to hear from you.

Happily sorting new beads for you, we are Magpie Gemstones.

Karen Meador, writer

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