April 3, 2011

Growing Up

It's hard to believe that magpiegemstones.com is just a youngster. The online business started a mere 4 years ago. Although it's not the companies' birthday, the littlest magpie is moving into double digits with her special day this week. Happy Birthday Tera!

By the way, she's the real gem and the one on the left in the photo. That's Sandy Magpie beside her. Sandy provides special accoustical accompaniment if you knock on the door at the worksite. I try not to have to knock!

Speaking of "other" Magpie pearls, I think you could say it's the birthday for many strands of them this week also. Some of the newer ones include these girls. Look at the pearl page online to see all the colors available at really good values. One of my jewelry customers always wants gemstones with pearls and the beavy of pearls available at Magpie right now has been a big help.

Did you read the article "All Pearls Are Not Created Equal" posted a couple of weeks ago. It was very interesting to write and I hope you find it informative. It certainly made me appreciate pearls that much more. Take a look and see how pearls have really grown up. By the way, there are other kinds of new beads also.

Part of growing up seems to be balancing family, friends and business. The beautiful Spring weather here in Texas brings that to the forefront with outdoor activities in full bloom. Don't worry, though, we're tending to business before we tend the garden and you will get your beads on time.

Growing up and working for you, we're Magpie Gemstones.

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